The story of how PR Properties came to be…

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The story of any company is really the story of the employees.

The story of our company is relatively simple.

In June of 2016, Adam had completed the requirements to become a real estate broker in the state of Indiana. He had already flipped one house successfully (with previous partners) and was working on the 2nd house (with those same partners).

He became a broker in order to save commissions on the houses he was flipping with his partners (at the time).

He was also running a networking meeting once a month on Saturday mornings, to help new investors.

He would meet with the investors and discuss their goals and aspirations, and help devise a plan to move them forward on those.

He would do this because he wished, at the time, that he had had someone guiding him when he had started out.

He would freely share training materials with anyone willing to do the training.

At a certain point, in a training class, at Keller Williams (which was the brokerage he chose), after Adam had become a broker, he met Tanner Parkes.

It was a chance meeting, and one that, had one or both of them not seized upon the opportunity and had a conversation, probably never would have happened again.

Adam had said something to another individual that Tanner had overheard about flipping houses.

A conversation ensued and Tanner walked away from the meeting with a bunch of training material concerning flipping (he already had the desire and just needed a bit more information (and potentially direction)).

A few months later, both parties decided it was in their mutual best interest to join forces and start a company together flipping houses.

The company officially started in January 1st of 2017, but there was a ton of activity that occurred before that date.

In addition to all of the mundane administrative minutiae that went along with starting the company, there was a massive amount of planning that was done beforehand (in the last couple of quarters of 2016).

Tanner and Adam met quite frequently, discussing plans, and revising ideas.

On January 1st, when the company officially started, they were able to hit the ground running.

The first offers were made within that first week.

The first house was purchased in early February.

It was scary.

Adam’s perspective

Having a driven, trusted and competent partner makes it less scary.

We both don’t know everything we need to know, but we get through everything together.

Having a sounding board helps quite a bit when obstacles are there to be overcome.

Having a partner allows for quicker movements in a business, and also allows for more flexible plans to be made and executed, due to the feedback that can be easily solicited.

The first house, which we will detail in another blog post, was 3800 square feet… A monster. (Many, many lessons came from that one. Again, for another day).

The second house we got under contract pretty quickly the following month.

We ended up wholesaling that one. We will detail that in another blog post as well.

The third and fourth came in quick succession, and we closed on both of those in the same day.

Both of those, #3 and #4, were a result of leads from one of our websites.

We had also started direct marketing by that point, and were getting responses from those as well.

However, as a 30000 foot overview, that is really the (brief) story of PR Properties Group LLC and how we got started.

It was a chance meeting, with two individuals who wanted to flip houses.

Adam Roehm, and Tanner Parkes…

Nobody special in the real estate world.

Just two guys with big ideas, big cahones and the willingness to take massive action.

We live by three guiding principles in our company.

They are:

1. Be outstanding in all that we do. How we do one thing is how we do everything.
2. Never stop working. We may not be smarter than the next guy, but we’ll certainly out-work him.
3. Everything Counts. Everything we do is important. How we treat people is important. How we do paperwork is important. How we interact with other brokers, title people, etc. is important. Everything counts.

We are grateful for the ability to do it all.

Until next time…